The season is upon us for blossoming love, cuddling weather, daydreaming, and future engagements. Many couples pick Winter to solidify their love with proposals and wedding plans. At Yang’s Jewellery, we understand the importance of picking out the perfect ring to compliment your partner and to symbolize your relationship. Two thousand seventeen brings with it new wedding ring fashions, trends, exciting styles, and lots of sparkle.


Why Does An Engagement Ring Matter So Much?


A wedding engagement ring is something you’ll wear for years to come. Time, planning, anticipation, and a little anxiety usually go into selecting the perfect diamond ring, and we really do believe it’s worth all the hype. As a symbol of marriage, union, and partnership, a ring sets the tone for the beginning of a formalized relationship. It should be the start of everything you love and more. For some, a wedding ring is the first big decision centered on a partner that’s made without a partner’s input. For others, wedding rings are a common topic of conversation. Regardless of your particular situation, Yang’s can help find the ideal ring for you.


2017 Women’s Trends: What’s Out There?


Two thousand seventeen brings with it a unique variety of innovative styles. From settings to bands to the stones themselves, sparkle has never been so original in wedding jewelry.


Halos and Bands:


The first things people envision when picturing a women’s wedding ring are typically classic diamond engagement rings. However, bands and halos can set the stage for maximum “wow” effect. Unique halos with lots of gemstones surrounding a queen stone are becoming increasingly popular. Nobody needs an excuse for added bling. Stacks are also becoming a crowd-pleaser. Instead of a single piece, a ring comes in multiple, typically two or three. Each band can have different gemstones or just simply give off a metallic shine. The effect of stacking is glamorous, for sure.  Intertwined bands give a twisting effect to a ring. Elegant and classy, the extra dimension sets off stones just right.  Pave split shank bands are another growing trend in womens engagement rings. Under the finger, the band is singular. As it wraps around, it separates into two pieces, leaving space in the center. This visual effect is truly stunning and provides lots of room for originality and sophistication.




The showstoppers have arrived. This year’s gemstone trends are absolutely maddening. Colored accents are taking over the stage and adding to the traditional diamond’s presence. Truly unique, color adds a little pizzazz for the adventurous bride. Black diamonds are a growing contender for a centerpiece rather than the traditional look. Opals, with their iridescent charm, are also in the running for focal point in many of this year’s womens engagement rings. Rubies in all their red and magenta beauty are added to the list as well. Rather than the traditional look of one large stone at the center of a ring, clusters of stones are literally changing the shape of wedding rings in two thousand seventeen. Unique and varietal, these new ideas are putting just the right spin on classic diamond engagement rings.


2017 Men’s Trends: What About the Guys?


Mens wedding rings are just as eclectic as those for the ladies. Faceted faces are creating a buzz with all different sides to shimmer. Classic, smooth mens wedding bands will never go out of style, though some are getting a square-edged makeover to keep up with the times. Borders are taking on a whole new genre of mens wedding rings, with traditional metal bordered with distinctive edges of the same or different material. Diamonds provide some bling for the flashy guy, and new materials like wood and bone are making their way into the center of rings as well. Truly, mens wedding bands are becoming increasingly more of a focus in the wedding jewelry world.


How Do I Decide?


With so many new ideas to choose from, how do you pick? We at Yang’s Jewellery are here to help. We’ll talk to you about your budget, your partner’s style preferences, and the brands we offer. We’ll even discuss the four C’s of diamonds with you (carat, cut, clarity, color). If this sounds completely foreign, know that you have nothing to worry about. We do this every single day; you’re in good hands. We’ll show you designs that we think you’ll like, and we’ll be here for guidance and support every step of the way. We understand that this is a substantial decision, and we want to take the time to make you feel as comfortable and confident as possible. We are more than willing to accommodate any guests that you might bring along with you on your wedding jewelry buying excursion. We know that advice from the people close to you matters, and we go out of our way to make each and every person feel comfortable and appreciated in our store.


What If I’m Shopping for Something Else?


Not to worry, Yang’s provides rings for all different occasions along with its wide selection of bridal jewelry and wedding ring fashions. Anniversary, birthday, graduation, and holiday presents are all within our repertoire, and we are happy to assist you in picking out the perfect gift for your special someone whether you’ve been together for two years or for seventy. In addition to rings, we carry custom jewelry, men’s and women’s watches, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.




You’ll understand as soon as you step into our shop in the Cambridge Center; our customer service is unparalleled. We all share a passion for jewelry that fuels our desire to be as relatable, helpful, and accommodating as possible. We value the experience of helping each individual customer fulfill his or her needs to the last second of the jewelry buying experience. We are thrilled to serve not only Cambridge but Waterloo, Guelph, Kitchener, Woodstock, Brantford, and Hamilton.

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Give us a call today or come see us to start the most pleasant, meaningful bridal jewellery buying experience you could possibly have. We don’t disappoint.

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