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Men’s Watches by Fossil

Shop the latest styles of Men’s watches from Fossil.  The brand was founded in 1984 and was the springboard for everything the company has become for more than a quarter of a century. Fossil prides itself on its commitment to American vintage inspiration. This commitment has allowed for a strong retail presence globally, with more than 400 retail locations, 4,000 wholesale locations and 13,000 employees worldwide.

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The Fossil watch brand is also betting big on wearable tech this year with its new “Q line of smart watches” With Fossil believed to be selling 50 million watches and accessories annually across its 400 stores worldwide, all bets are on whether the Q range of smart devices could become Fossil’s top grossing category. From the look of it, it just might. These new line of smart watches have plenty of features for tech-perts.

Of the entire Q range of watches, the one to look out for Q Founder, the touchscreen version of its Android counterpart only in a wearable watch. It even has a tiny microphone worked into it, to make the watch compatible with voice commands. The notifications from your smartphone pop up on the customizable 1.5-inch screen.

Fossil Watch Brand Traits – What Makes Them Famous?

  1. Well there are lots of traits of fossil watches but sturdiness is the most impeccable trait because people more than ever want their wearable’s to last.
  2. They are also designed and produced by means of durable tools and techniques that stand the test of time, they are simply built better.
  3.  Fossil watches are shiny and have a luster that surely will grab all of your friends attentions in a fashionable manner.
  4.  They are very colorful watches and come in an array of full color schemes and materials to match your latest clothing styles.
  5.  They are reasonably affordable watches in the present marketplace for the quality that they offer you .
  6.  Voted one of the best Men’s designer watches in the worldwide marketplace today.

That is why thousands of men and women have become huge fans of fossil watches all around the globe. Even more appealingly, you know they will both be in style and last for centuries with unique and creative flare that will enhance your style in a fabulous manner. Visit Yang’s Jewellery in Cambridge for the best pricing on Men’s and Ladies Fossil Watches.