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There is no piece of jewelry more precious or special than a bridal ring; therefore, it should be trusted to the best. Noam Carver understands that your bridal jewelry serves as a symbol of love, honor, and devotion for years to come, and that is why their diamond engagement rings are crafted in their time-honored tradition of fine jewelry making, which includes the latest technological advancements for excellence and precision, highly-skilled craftsmanship, and dedication, for a quality piece that is as special as it is beautiful, and they are available in many styles to suit various tastes, including the following most popular styles for 2017.



Vintage-Style Engagement Rings


A touch of vintage added to your modern piece adds an heirloom or art deco quality, which is popular among soon-to-be brides who desire classic features in an updated design.


Norm Carver Engagement Rings


Split Shank Bridal Jewelry


Split shank wedding ring fashions feature elegant curving that coincides with each other before connecting to the setting for a romantic piece that is worthy of awe.


Norm Carver Engagement Rings


Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings


Diamond solitaire rings first entered the scene in the 20th century as a stylish women’s engagement ring and still remains popular today. These rings come with 6 or 4 prongs that lift the diamond in its setting, which highlights its brilliance and faceted cut for maximum sparkle.


Norm Carver Single Solitare Ring


Since the solitaire ring is all about the shine, it is important to select your stone based on the 4Cs, which refers to the cut, color, carat, and clarity.



  • Cut-refers to how well the diamond’s facets interact with light, which is ultimately determined by its symmetry, proportions, and polish.
  • Color-refers to the absence of color, which also adds to the diamond’s quality and sparkle.
  • Carat-refers to the stone’s visible size, which contributes to quality.
  • Clarity-refers to the stone’s perfection, which is determined by the number of blemishes and inclusions.


 Rose Gold Wedding Ring Fashions


Rose gold remains a popular choice due to its unique rosy tone, which originates from its various metal composition, which includes yellow gold, copper, and sterling silver, and is actually referred to as alloy because of its metal blend. Additionally, because of its copper content, it ensures a durable piece for many years.


Rose Gold Wedding Rings Norm Carver


Due to its metal combination, rose gold pairs nicely with many other metals, including white gold, platinum, and sterling silver, and it’s a great option for both men and women.



Eternity Women’s Engagement Rings


An eternity ring has gems that encompass the entire band and a smooth, polished metal underside, which makes it just perfect as a solo piece or a great addition to a diamond engagement ring. Due to its versatility, it will most likely remain a common trend among soon-to-be brides.


Eternity Wedding Engagement Ring Norm Carver



Halo Norm Carver Engagement Rings



The Norm Carver engagement halo ring features strings of shimmering stones that enhance the beauty of your main gem and makes it look bigger.


These rings have been popular for quite some time and are available in a wide range of styles, including vintage-inspired designs, intricate designs, geometric designs, and the diamond accented octagonal frame, which is covered with bezel-set baguettes for added charm.


Norm Carver Halo Ring Wedding


They are also available in a twisted halo design, which ensures your ring sparkles from every view.



Floral Accents



Floral accents, such as flowers, petals, and vines, added to women’s engagement rings give them more feminine appeal, which is why they are a popular choice for many women.


Norm Carver Floral Engagement Ring


You can also opt for a floral-inspired halo for a whimsical appeal.



Intricate Side Details


Elaborate details on the sides of your engagement ring ensure it sparkles from all views, and it can be added to various settings, such as the chain-link diamond setting, for a modern appeal.


Norm Carver Engagement Rings


Pear Shaped Diamonds


Pear-shaped and marquise-cut diamonds slim and elongate the fingers, which makes them a popular choice for women who desire a unique ring.


Diamond Pear Shape Engagement Rings



Stackable Bands


Stackable bands fit together to create a larger ring, and you can combine as many bands as you’d like, perhaps to celebrate your benchmarks, so they are often a popular choice for soon-to-be brides seeking a more elaborate engagement ring. They are also totally customize-able.


Stackable Bands


Stackable bands can be worn alone or paired together for a more complex look.

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The right engagement ring is sure to send your heart racing when you see it and keep you adoring it while wearing it. So, take your time and choose wisely. You should also be sure to select a reputable jeweler who is both knowledgeable and highly experienced in Norm Carver engagement rings who can assist you through the process and ensure you receive a engagement ring with everlasting beauty!

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