Scott Kay

Scott Kay has been acclaimed as the foremost authority in bridal and fashion jewelry. By creating a distinctive and artistically designed collection, he established Scott Kay as a coveted brand for bridal rings. Along with this new design inspiration, Scott unveiled platinum as the metal of choice for his bridal collection in the late 1980’s, further igniting the bridal market and capturing the hearts and minds of Lovers everywhere. Scott Kay is considered by many to be the quintessential Diamond Engagement Rings designer of modern times. He was an instrumental player in the resurgence of popularity for the use of platinum to craft some of the finest pieces of Bridal Jewelry during the 1990’s. Breaking many of the traditional restraints of ring design, Scott continues to produce some of the most sought after rings in the engagement ring industry today.

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A modern salute to the Gothic archways of European cathedrals, each Heaven’s Gates design artfully incorporates a succession of Guardian Angel wings. It’s more than a Diamond Engagement Wedding Ring – it’s a monument to faith and commitment.

For over 35 years, Scott Kay has been the foremost authority in Bridal Jewellery. Their engagement rings combine amazing details with delicate yet bold designs. Scott Kay’s success is due in part to an intense passion and focus in everything he touches. NEVER COMPROMISE when selecting a future family heirloom.

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